Maxwell Footwear LLC

maxwells shoe

Phase 1: Crowd funding Campaign Launch

Day 1

Launch the crowd funding campaign on our chosen platform, introducing our innovative product and the visionary mind behind it, EmmanuelAyeti.

Weeks 1-7

Engage with the community,
share the campaign on social media, and offer early bird rewards and limited perks

Weeks 8-9

Update backers on progress and exciting developments as we approach our funding goal

Phase 2: Manufacturing Preparation
(Duration: 4weeks)

Weeks 10-11

Collect necessary data from backers (size, color preferences)

Weeks 12-13

Finalize design specifications, including stretch goal enhancements.

Weeks 14-15

Secure manufacturing partners and source high-quality materials.

Phase 3: Production and Quality Control
(Duration: 12weeks)

Weeks 16-19

Begin production and closely over see each step for quality.

Weeks 20-23

Conduct rigorous quality control tests on samples.

Weeks 24-27

Commence mass production, incorporating backers’ preferences.

Phase 4: Packaging and Shipping Preparation
(Duration: 2weeks)

Weeks 28-29

Prepare eco-friendly packaging materials.

Weeks 30-31

Finalize shipping logistics and coordination.

Phase 5: Shipping and Delivery
(Duration: 2-4weeks)

Weeks 32-35

Start shipping the sneakers world wide with tracking numbers.

Weeks 36-39

Continue deliveries, providing progress updates.

Phase 6: Post-Campaign Support

Weeks 40 and beyond

Continue excellent customer support